Overview of the major manufacturers of inflatable boats.

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    How to choose an inflatable boat?

    Inflatable boats Fregat

    If your family prefers outdoor activities, and you do not like to depend on whom and what that may be, then you will, without a doubt, absolutely can not do without an inflatable boat. It's convenient, comfortable and very modern. With an inflatable boat, which is incredibly compact for storage, you do not have to look for a place to leave it for a while, and look for a trailer for transport. Inflatables - this is a very modern, that would say there is not, because even large vessel always have them on board. And since this water transport at the correct operation is stable in water and is completely safe, inflatable boats do not lose their popularity.

    Time you read this, then perhaps now is the perfect choice puzzled boat for family holidays or for sport. How to choose exactly what you need? Let's try to understand. First of all, once it is necessary to decide how you are going to use this flotation device, and how many people will move on it. Based on this, and will choose the boat. That is, the first criterion - load.

    Our inflatables boats

    If you are an avid fisherman, and choose a boat just for fishing, it is important to pay attention to other features of this waterway. Fisherman's boat should be comfortable during the operation, compact for storage in the home, be lightweight and comfortable seating. If you are used to fish on the wide water, when buying a boat, also consider it permissible for the wave height, the maximum distance at which you can retire from the shore, and the number of separate compartments - all this is very important and should read the operating instructions for inflatable boat .

    The next important aspect that is worth considering when buying - this is the material from which it is made. He should be extremely durable, waterproof, lightfast and reliable. And you should pay special attention to the material from which the air cylinders. Most often, manufacturers use hipalon - resistant to a variety of external influences artificial rubber-like material. Or limited to traditional polyvinyl chloride (PVC). However, despite the perfect performance of these materials is not permanent, however it is best to buy a boat in which the carrier web is formed from polyester or nylon. This ship will be durable and reliable.

    Inflatables Neptune

    Another detail that you want to be sure to pay attention - this method of making joints. They may be glued together end to end and lapped and executed by vulcanization, or ultrasonic welding. Each of these methods and have their pros and cons. But the best way yet, according to experts, is the welding, weld joints as better air retention. Some manufacturers, and among them Quicksilver, Valiant, Zodiac is a long time practice welding seams with hot air.

    And now we come to the main point - what kind of inflatable boat to choose as their on the market today are vast. Again, it is necessary to decide on her appointment. If you want to have a boat to several times a month to go out on her fishing or ride the children, it is enough to buy an ordinary rowing boat with hinged transom. This is the perfect budget option for one or two people and for traveling short distances.

    Inflatables whaleboat

    A more serious version - it is sports inflatable with durable wooden or plastic transom, solid floor and inflatable keels. This boat can also go under oars, but more often it is installed on the motor. This is a great for fans of trucks and multi-day alloys voyages to distant waters. If you need a boat for the family's needs, then you're probably not enough to choose between the two listed above. If you are looking for an advanced tool, you can also look at the inflatables with flexible floor or overhead rigid bottom. But this is a high-class vessel with excellent performance characteristics, the price of which, of course, not too low.

    But whatever boat you choose, the most important thing to folded it is easily transported and could fit in the trunk of a car. Then any journey up to the launching will have a comfortable and hassle-free.



    Inflatable boat Frigate M-390
    Fregat M-390

    Inflatable motor-rowboat flagship 300T
    Flagship 300T

    Inflatable boat Neptune KM-360D
    Neptune KM-360D

    Our inflatable boats rowboat NEVO-280
    Our Boats NEVO-280

    Inflatable rowing boat motor-Aqua 240
    Aqua 240

    Inflatable boat Rotan 420
    Rotan 420

    Inflatable rowing boat motor-Admiral 300
    Admiral 300

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